Sunday, 23 August 2015

Let go & let God

You know, working life is not easy. You face pressure from bosses, the need to rush deadlines, to please customers etc. Then you think of all the obligations & responsibilities you have in life, which is a handful even though you are single & unmarried. There is so much to think of. Sometimes it's overwhelming.

There are countless of times that I feel like giving up. Just want to quit my job and go for a long break. A holiday. But somehow it's in me, I can't let go. Can't give up that easily. You might whine and complain and sigh but the next day you are up on your feet again. You might be crying the other night but life goes on as usual after that. Is this what growing up means? Being able to be clear in thought, to carry on with life no matter what and to always get up after a fall?

I'm sure that most people have had that experience of going to bed thinking wishing not to wake up tomorrow for work. Or when morning comes, hit the snooze button and dread waking up. I do too, for God-knows-how-many-times.

Speaking of letting go, it's hard to let go. Sometimes it's hard to let go of something, like a dream, a wish, expectations, your past, or some hurts. Sometimes it's hard to let go of some people that you've had in your life, who might be someone dearly loved and had passed on, a close friend or your other half. Letting go does not mean giving up. If you're holding on to a bomb and you insist of not letting go, it means you are giving up on your life, on your freedom.

Let go and let God.

Jeremiah 29 
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Oral Surgery

2014 is finally coming to an end. Can't believe I have been working for almost a year and half already. I almost forgotten this place too.

Just wanted to blog about my oral surgery experience. In simpler terms, extraction of my wisdom tooth by surgery.

To begin with, I have been experiencing shock waves when eating sweet and crunchy food. It doesn't always happen but when it does, it is really annoying. I'm sure you know how a toothache feels like. Constant annoyance, especially when it comes and goes. On top of that, food always get stuck there. Can't get it out with my tongue or by rinsing. Irritating.

Went for my usual yearly checkup, did an X-ray and found out that both my bottom wisdom teeth were growing, not sideways but slightly slanted, impacting the neighbouring molar. Doctor's advice was to extract these to prevent them from hurting other teeth.

Taken from

The cost was shockingly high. When I think of having to work for a whole month just to earn peanuts and then to extract a tooth costs this much-- speechless. That's why I have a toothache. No, really, just the thought of spending so much for pulling out a tooth worsens my toothache. -_-

So, I took 2 months to consider and finally decided to do it. Both the left and right bottom wisdom teeth have to be extracted by surgery, while the top ones also need to go by normal extraction (if the bottom ones go). Innocent top left & right wisdom teeth need to go as well because they can't survive without the bottom one. Apparently, it will hurt your gum if the bottom ones aren't there to match. The world is always unfair.

Anyways, crap aside, I did the left side today. Bottom by surgery, top by normal extraction. The process took about 45 mins and was less than pleasant.

First, you gotta rinse and rinse your mouth (in case you have bad breath?) before the operation. Then, you will be covered with a white line from head to toe so that only your mouth and nose are exposed. I was told to hide my hands under the white linen but couldn't resist to sweep my fringe aside 'cos the doctor accidentally (or negligently) had my fringe over my eyes while wrapping.

Doc: No, don't stick your hands out. If you gotta scratch somewhere just tell us. We would do it for you. Everything is clean and sterilized now, we don't want any bacteria.

Nurse chips in: Yes, just tell us. You can still talk during the operation.

Me (OS): Scratch somewhere? Eww. And how would you be able to do that while extracting my tooth? Can I even utter a word while my mouth is wide open! (No, they are doctors, not patients. They don't understand)

The starting of the surgery was the most agonizing one. 4 needles in total for anesthetic. The most painful thing in the whole process is the anesthetic injection. I was squeezing my fingers and had some tears (natural reaction) coming. After the anesthetic has kicked in, the surgery begins. I tell you, why don't they just give you some sleeping pills as well? And ear plugs!

Because I can't feel the pain BUT I can hear perfectly and my mind is working and awake. I could hear sounds of chain saw, hand drill etc. Serious, no kidding. I hate it. And metal sound, and suction sound.

Doc: More water more water. 
(He needs water to be sprayed into my mouth while using a tool which sounded like a chain saw to do something to my tooth)
Hated the sound. The second most unpleasant part of the surgery. I was so stiff and tensed up, squeezing my tummy all the while. =X

Doc: Time to cut. 
Me (OS): Cut my tooth? My gum? Why do you even let me hear what you are going to do next. It's like telling a person I am going to cut your arms now. Or, take our your intestines. 

Doc: Scissors. 
Okay, this line is so dramatic. Like the hospital dramas we used to watch.

Doc: XXX 
Unknown tool.

Doc: Tooth extracted. I am going to sew up the wound now. 
Fast. Efficient. Started to feel a bit more relaxed.

And then Part 2. Normal extraction of the upper wisdom tooth.

Nurse held my head, both sides of my jaws to be precise. The doctor pulled. And pulled. It was a stubborn tooth. I felt my jawline was going to crack because of the pressure. Yes, exaggerated a little. The nurse held my face even tighter then and finally the Doc was able to yank out that tooth.

Rinse, rinse, rinse. Rest. Done.

Doc: Do you want to keep your teeth?

Me, looking at the tray with few bloody gauze and two bloody tooth (no, I am not cursing) : *shakes head* 

The bill costed me a bomb. But maybe I could still smile a crooked smile (left side of my face swollen like a pig) 'cos Doc gave me 2 days leave and told me to eat ice-cream, porridge and soup. Ice-cream. ;)

Btw, I have two less wisdom teeth. Does it mean I am not as wise as before? Meh. 

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Sometimes I just wake up feeling blue. Wonder if anyone else experience this before.

Wake up feeling down for no reason. Nothing can cheer you up and everything makes you feel melancholic. Most importantly, you don't feel like talking to anyone at all. Weird.

Just feel like being alone on a lazy afternoon like this. Laze in your own corner, snacking & surfin' the net. I am not a fan of coffee but today, it seems appropriate to have one. On days like this, as long as you are interacting with a non-human, you are fine. Typing to humans are ok too, but the less the contact, the better.

It's rare to have alone moments just sitting down, relaxing & doing nothing these days. Life is so mundane, having to go through the same routine 5 days a week. Dread waking up, getting stuck in the traffic (1 hr for 6 km, no kidding), face loads of work and your boss (less than an angel), go home feeling exhausted. Weekends are slightly more interesting, nonetheless, not 100 % enjoyable. Need to do chores, stuff that you did not do during the week. Oh well, that is life I guess. If not for these boring & unenjoyable stuff, we would not appreciate little things such as sitting at home doing nothing.

Sunday, 9 February 2014


Losing motivation. Losing focus. Diminishing hopes. Unfulfilled wishes and dreams.

Need a boost of energy. Need to take a step of faith & have some courage to be different.

Make disciples-

Sunday, 8 December 2013

New love

'Secret Garden' has always been my favourite Korean drama because it has an unusual story line. It's a romantic comedy but fun to watch. I've even blogged about it few times. 

But recently I found an equally good one, if not better, which has now become my favourite as well- Master's Sun. Honestly when I started watching it, I didn't have any expectations. Didn't even read the plot or reviews before downloading it. It turned out to be awesome. Felt hanging when the drama ended and found myself longing for more. Shows how good it is. 

Anywayz, the OSTs play important roles in the success of a drama. I loved the ones in Secret Garden and still do, but now, I have a new love:

Crazy of love by Hyorin. 

Both the song and singer are great, but what makes this song even more special is the fact that you get flash backs (as if your own) of the drama scenes which left deep impressions on you. Wonder if it's just me or do others feel the same?

Well, besides good music, good plot and a very creative and unique story line, gotta say that I like the lead actor & actress a lot. Afterall, they are among the bests in this industry. 

Oh ya, the MV cuts all the creative & somewhat important parts of the story, so if you're watching it and thinking it's gonna be the same boring drama type, you are so gonna regret it. Don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Working is so not fun. Hate the fact that I have to wake up early everyday and get caught in bad traffic, and then face some annoying people at work. Thankfully there are weekends, the only time to hang out and breathe. Went to I-city some time ago. Visited their trick-art museum, which was quite amusing. Visitors get to unleash their creativity and take photos with these paintings that creates a visual illusion. Here are a few of them: 

Oh crap! Pillar segments that look like marshmallows. 

I'm an angel   *don't puke

See, mountain climbing isn't that hard. I can do it with one hand. ;)

In a bubble

That's how you cheat, when no one is watching

Shipwrecked in the Carribbean 

Had no idea how I managed to climb out there. *shrugs


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Fly a kite

It's been again, almost a month since my last post. I foresee this blog being abandoned in the near future. *chuckles

Working life. It's fun, challenging, most of all tiring, not to mention stressful at times. I miss school days. You wake up late, knowing there's a class in the morning. You tell yourself 'whatever' and go back to sleep without facing any consequences (well, in terms of punishment etc). You can hang out with friends any time you like, as frequent as 7 days a week.

Now, you wake up in the morning, hit the snooze and go back to sleep. Subconsciously, you remind yourself you have to wake up every 5 seconds. And, all you look forward to during weekends is sleep. Rest. You do hang out, but you tire easily. Gatherings and outings become shorter and shorter because you're left with little energy. But I thought everybody loves Friday and looks forward to the weekends? Yes, emotionally, I feel happy. Nothing can piss me off on a Friday. No, it's not true. Physically, still tired.

I used to hear people say that study life is the best. It was their experience, their thoughts, until recently, it became mine. Just wondering, have you ever woke up and felt blue the whole day through? Especially on a gloomy day. Suddenly, all your memories come back to life and the present becomes a daze. Hmm.

Anyways, don't forget to relax and have fun during work.

I saw this very special & interesting Japanese D.I.Y sushi candy. Had lots of fun making it. I was especially intrigued at how the caviar was made by just dripping liquid using something like a pipette into another liquid and then just scoop them up using a spatula. I initially thought they were some sort of clay but was surprised that they were edible candy!

Used to fly kites when I was young. Glad that I was able to experience the long forgotten excitement of kite-flying once again. Hope to do it more often. :)


Saturday, 31 August 2013


Can't believe it's one month since I last penned a post. One month since I started working. Thank God the job is near my house. Although I get stuck in lousy traffic every morning, being near is still a major advantage. And, I'm really glad that I passed my piano exams! :)

Had my convocation at Kampar 24/8 recently. It was a tiring journey since it is some distance away, but a very very memorable day. I did not regret attending it (thought of skipping it once or twice). 

Thanks to my parents, bro, sis & bro-in-law for coming all the way! 


Both the huge bouquet of flowers (more like a mini garden) and Pororo were surprises from them! I didn't want flowers and told my mom so, but she still went and planned a surprise anyway. how thoughtful :') 

Thanks to sis + bro-in-law for the special toy. Others had kitty, chip n dale, minion etc but I had Pororo. super special :p


Took lots of pics with friends that day. Was happy to meet them all there....well, not all actually, but almost. Looking back at the pics, I feel Uni life is really over. Time passes, and you can't go back. I really hope all of us will keep in touch no matter what.

Till then, wish you all the best. Don't forget your dreams, and don't lose yourself. :)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bye holidays!

Before my holidays end, I'm gonna enjoy myself a bit. Went for pedicure with sis. Bored with the usual colours. Was inspired by my previous minions mission. lol. So I decided to go for this:

The nail artist was really patient. I tell you, she draws even the tiniest detail. I wasn't expecting a full-body minion on my toes cos' I assume there weren't any space for that. BUT, she is soooo talented. Drew a whole minion on my toe. *love it!

And btw, Bii is out with his new album. He's so charming with his new looks. *ahem*

The long holidays of about 1.5 months is finally coming to an end. I hope I've not made the wrong choice. Everybody, 加油!

Monday, 22 July 2013


It's nearing the end of July already. When you're in the midst of passing the day, you feel time is so very slow. But when you look back at how many days had flown by, you would be amazed.

Glad everything is falling into place. Convocation is in August, very soon.

Minions are the latest trends. You have to get them. They are adorable in their silly ways. Read and heard about how people go crazy and queue up in the middle of the night just to get the minions. Some people think they're nuts, some join in this craze. Me? I'm neutral. * hmm

The last minion is coming out this week. I'm not gonna criticize anyone nor do I want to be criticized, but since its the last set of the minions, me and my partners in crime have decided to join the craze just this ONCE. Gonna queue up during midnight to grab some minions home. Of course, it's purely out of fun. I wanted to get some minions earlier but didn't manage to do so cos' they were all sold out by the next day. And, I wasn't so obsessed that I would trade my sleep just to queue up for them. BUT. (There are always but's in everything) But, me and another crazy nut (no, it's TWO other crazy nuts) decided to try this crazy thing this coming week.

So, if you happen to see me lining up in McD, don't be shocked. Life is short, 年轻时要疯狂一下。

Peace :)

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I'm hungry.

Ever since my break, I've been eating non-stop. Sneaking up to the fridge and cupboards to find snacks, going out and about town in search for FOOD. I'm hungry right now. Just looking at these pics makes me drool.


BBQ Beef Ribs

No rules pasta

Banana nuts toffee with ice-cream and whipped cream

Ok, I'm half full now, but I still have space for more.... ;)

Pasta in pesto sauce.

Carbonara with smoked salmon. Delicious!

Been home a while so I decided to do some experimenting in the kitchen.

Dory fish in white sauce

Healthy fish pasta with pesto sauce

Mango ice-cream!
 In case you are wondering, the mango used was a giant. I thought it was a papaya at first sight when my dad brought it home.

Comparing it to a mangosteen

Did I mention that I love desserts? I don't care if that adds another pound to me. BOO. 
Mint ice-cream. Not bad

Chocolate-dipped waffle! 

Banana peach crumble with ice cream. Heavenly!

This is a winner! Caramel banana pancakes! 

Gonna make myself something to eat. Temptations are so hard to resist.  :x

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bangkok Again

I've been lazy and busy lately. Haven't had time to blog about my recent trip to Bangkok again. Well, many unpleasant things happened after I graduated. It did affect me, quite deeply I must say. I was not the only one involved. Anyhow, I am thankful for this trip that helped calmed my nerves and temporarily forget the ordeal I was/am going through although I still had to face the shit after I came back.

Before I sidetrack further, just wanna say that this Bangkok trip isn't perfect (went thru' some problems there as well, but its minor compared to the bigger one back home) but it was very memorable.

The trip this time wasn't so much of shopping, rather, more of sight-seeing and lots of walking. We had a 5-nights stay there. It was a pleasant trip overall. Planned to blog about it in details, but I guess I am just too lazy.

Here are some pics to enjoy. I'll pop in a sentence or two when I'm inspired.  ;)

My targets

Floating Market

Elephant camp

Wat Arun

The stairs are so steep, almost 90 deg. No, not kidding, and not tryin' to fool you with angles.

Hesitating to take a step...Did I mention that the steps are REALLY NARROW? * comfy shoes from Chatuchak

Wat Pho. Love the sunlight! 

A lantern-light shop at Chatuchak

One of six of Jim Thompson's House. The tour is short but very interesting. 
Silk extraction
Cocoons and silk
Inside Jim Thompson Arts Museum
Failed pose. Oh well. 

Name says it all. Chinatown! 

The "yu pui" stall. Don't knw its name in Eng. :p


The sotong was yummy, especially with the spicy sauce!

Siriraj Hospital. We were there for the museum

The museum is very interesting. This is only one of the 6 museums/ sections we went. Kinda spooky with real humans and babies and internal organs preserved and displayed. Weren't allowed to take any photos. The other museums were an eye-opener as well. 

Highway in a shopping mall! @ Terminal 21, an airport-themed mall.

Tonkatsu Set. ICE CREAM! Green tea ice-cream with fried 'skin' @ ICEDEA.
Not bad, innovative but kinda pricey.
Why don't they have it here in 7eleven?! Sticky rice pork burger is SO DELICIOUS. Did I mention that I absolutely love their pork satay? Juicy, tender, aromatic.....yum!  
Asiatique Riverfront. Nice place to be at. :)

I'm done posting some of the photos. Just some important ones. Bangkok, till we meet again next time! *many years down the road......